Cornell University Fraternity on Probation for 'Pig Roast' Sex Competition

The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house at Cornell University now has a live-in adviser to participate in ‘ongoing education in sexual violence

In case of a tie, the win would go to the member who had sex with the heaviest woman.

When asked to comment on the probation and "pig roast", Cornell's ZBT chapter directed Metro to a statement both issued to The Daily Sun and posted on Facebook last week.

"The campus community will be watching to see whether the members of ZBT, as individuals and as a group, live up to their public pledge to demonstrate 'through our actions that this inexcusable behavior will not be tolerated, '" Ryan Lombardi, the Vice President for Student and Campus life, told The Sun.

IFC Executive Vice President Luke Bianco told Metro, "The members of this institution, both those who participated in this practice and those who simply stood by and did nothing, are widely recognized as problematic", stating that the IFC recognizes "the advantage in maintaining their [ZBT] chapter in order to efficiently manage the distribution of training with regards to sexual violence prevention".

"The allegations described are contrary to the values that Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity espouses and works in direct conflict with the beliefs and mission of the Kappa Chapter", it wrote.

The council, he said, has been "working to make sure these sorts of incidents don't become normalized".

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An investigation was started after school officials received "multiple reports" past year regarding the sickening game, reports said.

In a report published on the university's website, the college explained the fraternity had been in violation of its code of conduct on two counts - one for hazing, an action that endangers the emotional or physical health of another student, and two for sexually abusive behaviour.

The fraternity chapter has been put on a two-year probation, and the Ivy League university and the frat's national office denounced the game, which was the latest example of a Greek organisation behaving badly. Findings are due by March 31.

"The brothers of the Kappa Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau would like to first and foremost express our mutual disgust along with those who feel hurt or victimized", the fraternity's statement said. The university will also require that the members participate in bystander and sexual violence education programs, and that the chapter hires a live-in advisor for the rest of its probation.

"Your feelings are legitimate and appropriate reactions to something of this nature. As a result, we are looking inward to ensure this type of behavior never occurs by anyone connected with ZBT, or the campus community as a whole, on our watch", the statement reads.

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